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I have used Exam Software for over three years to assist me in the instruction of licensing of Home Building Contractors in the State of Michigan. The setup of the exams is easy and goes very smoothly. I mostly use it by running it thru my computer and a data projector onto a screen in a class room to provide testing to my students. It is also great for my one on one tutoring where I provide a simulated exam of what my students will face when taking the State of Michigan licensing examination. Great product and even better support from the Exam-Software team.
-John Bollan Jr, Instructor, Oakland Builders Educational Seminars

I just want to let you know that this has been the best support I ever received---even when I was only testing out the software. You guys have been great, and I am sure that there are probably other teachers I know who would be interested in the program: simple to operate, but very sophisticated in its application and technology.
-Adrian White, New Mexico, USA

I purchased Exam program. I am totally satisfied with the program (it is awesome and has numerous capabilities) and will recommend it to all of my business associates. Any company that does not use this software to help train and test their employees are missing out. Especially since the software is so inexpensive.
-David Chitty

Your product is outstanding! I am currently using it to prepare my girlfriend for the state estheticians exam. I have created 3 100 question test myself using information from her text books and have used it to test her. I am very confident she will pass the test. I will also use it to prepare myself for some technical certifications. I highly recommend your product. Excellent job!
-Ray Padilla

Thanks to the exam software team for developing such a powerful test engine. My whole family is using exam.
-Ray, New York.

I got exam software trial version on a CD that came along with a pc magazine. Initially I thought let's try and see what's in there. But amazing, now this is the most commonly used application on my pc.
-Peter Kelly, VA

I am using exam in Russian language. I think if you provide menu also in Russian language, that would be useful.

I like your "One Time Use" security feature, its wonderful. Now I can administer the tests remotely with full control over time allocation and guaranteed one time use.

I downloaded trial version on my home pc. Created couple of question papers and found myself very comfortable using this software. Then I recommended Exam Software to my school management and they sanctioned purchase of 18 licenses for 18 computers in our lab. 
-Anita, India

Because of the multiple language support, we could use this software to manage our school examinations in Urdu language.
-Mansoor, Pakistan 

Your program is superior to the other softwares I have evaluated.
-John T, London, UK

This is very powerful and easy to use program and I will recommend to other parents for the development of their kids.
-Joe, Canada

I am manager of recruiting firm. I was looking for easy to use software for skills evaluation of the candidate. Downloaded Exam trial version and found that this is the perfectly made for us. Previously we were paying per test per candidate to the online test service providers. Now we are saving a lot of money.
-Tonya, Germany

We are education institute offer distant education. Exam Software proved very useful for us to create the study material for our distant learners and for conducting remote examinations.
-Bill, Spain

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